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“I was a passenger in my own car that was being driven by my boyfriend.  While we were at an intersection, another vehicle turned in front of our car and we collided almost head-on.  I suffered significant injuries and treated with my doctors for more than three years.  Kershek Law Offices was very effective in seeking a satisfactory recovery for me.  They pursued a claim against the other driver and settled for that driver’s policy limits.  Then Kershek Law Offices pursued claims against mine and my boyfriend’s insurance companies for Underinsured Motorist coverage.  The case went to binding arbitration.  Kershek Law Offices was very helpful throughout the entire process and assisted me in obtaining a successful arbitration award.  I would recommend their firm to anyone who suffered a personal injury from a motor vehicle accident, particularly where there may be a non-insured or an underinsured driver.”

“I was riding my bicycle when a vehicle unexpectedly turned in front of me, causing me and my bike to hit the car broadside.  I suffered significant injuries, including a fractured vertebrae.  Kershek Law Offices was able to settle the case with the insurance company for the driver’s insurance policy limits, and is now pursuing a claim against the driver of the vehicle and her family for my excess damages.  Kershek Law Offices has kept me informed throughout the entire process and fully understood the nature of the injuries and trauma that I suffered along with the treatment I was forced to undergo.  Kershek Law Offices has vigorously pursued the case for me.”

“I was involved in a severe automobile accident which caused me to suffer substantial personal injuries.  A vehicle pulled out in front of me at an intersection, hit my car and caused my vehicle to roll over several times.  Kershek Law Offices sued the other driver’s insurance company and fought for me.  I received a very fair settlement without having to go to court for a trial.  I would recommend Kershek Law Offices as an excellent accident and personal injury law firm.”


“Kershek Law Offices has experienced real estate attorneys.  Some of the attorneys at Kershek Law Offices also have their real estate broker licenses.  The attorneys at this firm are very knowledgeable and have an extensive understanding of the residential and commercial real estate law.  They helped my family and I sell several parcels of real estate without the necessity of hiring a real estate broker.  I would recommend them as real estate attorneys.”

“Kershek Law Offices assisted me in foreclosing on a Land Contract when my buyer failed to make the necessary payments.  With the help of Kershek Law Offices, I was able to go to court, obtain a money judgment against the buyer and an order of the court returning my property to me.  This was all done without a lot of unnecessary effort, time and expense.  I would recommend Kershek Law Offices for its knowledgeable real estate attorneys.”

"Kershek Law Offices helped develop several lots owned by my family.  After the lots were approved for development, Kershek Law Offices then helped us with all of the paperwork to sell these lots.  The attorneys at Kershek Law Offices were very helpful throughout the entire process involving the development and the sale of these lots.  I would recommend Kershek Law Offices to anyone trying to develop or sell vacant lots."
- Gail

"As a vice-president of a bank, I have relied upon Kershek Law Offices to assist in the foreclosure process of several commercial properties.  I found their office to be very knowledgeable in this area.  They handled the foreclosure process with professionalism and completed the process quickly.  As a result, our bank was able to avoid a costly and extended foreclosure court battle.  Kershek Law Offices are good lawyers who work with you and keep your best interests in mind."
- Robert



"Kershek Law Offices provided great assistance in completing an estate plan for my parents, which included a living trust, will, durable health care power of attorney and general durable power of attorney for finances.  Once I saw how they took care of my parents, I had them do the same for me and my wife.  They were very professional and because of the advice they gave and the estate planning documents they prepared, I sleep better at night knowing that my estate plan is in order for me, my wife and my children."
- John


My mother died and Kershek Law Offices assisted in the probate of her estate, which was complicated by the fact that my mother’s sister had died before my mother.  Part of my sister’s estate was included in my mother’s estate.  Kershek Law Offices made the entire probate process understandable and handled the filing of all necessary probate forms and state and federal income tax returns.  They were also very helpful in putting together my own estate planning documents after my mother’s estate was closed.
- Cliff

After my aunt died, Kershek Law Offices was very helpful in giving me advice on how to avoid the probate process by selling and transferring my aunt’s assets with the use of a Small Estate Affidavit.  By using this Small Estate Affidavit, I was able to sell my aunt’s home.  I would definitely recommend Kershek Law Offices for handling estates and probate procedures.
- Kathleen



When I started my own medical billing business, I contacted Kershek Law Offices to determine the best type of business format to set up.  They were very knowledgeable about different business formations.  I chose a limited liability company.  They helped me set up the company and get my business up and running.  They also helped in preparing the initial contracts I needed for my customers and vendors.
- Kevin

Kershek Law Offices has assisted me and my partners in buying numerous gas stations and convenience food stores throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.  They are very experienced regarding the sale and purchase of businesses and commercial real estate.  Kershek Law Offices assisted in the drafting of all the purchase and sale documents, making it a smooth transition.  Thanks to the efforts of Kershek Law Offices, the transactions were done on a timely basis.  Once the transaction was closed, there were no loose ends.  I would recommend Kershek Law Offices for any small business owner who is attempting to either buy or sell a business owner who is attempting to either buy or sell a business.
- Didar


Trying to manage my time in preparing to enter the working world and maintain a home for my children, all the while going through a divorce, is not an easy challenge.  I am grateful that my attorney at Kershek Law Offices had the knowledge and experience to help me through this difficult time. My attorney was able to work efficiently towards helping me obtain a settlement agreement that provided a sound financial foundation for me and my children.  I would refer, and have referred, my lawyer to some of my friends who have needed the advice of a good lawyer.

- Tiffany

When my wife filed for divorce, I needed a divorce attorney.  I hired one at Kershek Law Offices.  Not only was my lawyer understanding and a good listener, but he understood and explained my particular situation in a way that I could make decisions that were both in the best interests of my children and myself.  Divorce is difficult, but my lawyer was there to help guide me through the process.  I would recommend the attorneys at Kershek Law Offices, as they were very professional.

- Steve


I was pulled over by the police for my 4th offense OWI.  My Kershek Law Offices attorney explained my situation and options in terms that I could understand, and then helped me devise a plan to resolve my criminal matter and keep my employment.  Not only was my lawyer knowledgeable, but he used all available resources in my case to get the best possible solution.  My attorney negotiated a fair settlement with the prosecutor and represented me well at the time of the sentencing hearing.  Not only did my attorney help me through this entire mess that I got myself into, because of his intervention, I found a path to recovery that will guide my actions well into the future.

 - Cliff


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